Bertram_FurmanHaving been in practice for over 17 years, I have worked with most simple and difficult issues that may arise with a person’s health. One of my observations is that most of my patients are women. Women seem to take better care of themselves, are more attentive to their bodies and more concerned about their health. Women have more areas of the body that require health attention, care about weight loss, are very busy, get stressed, are fatigued, and may not be getting the care they need through traditional western channels. Women care. Women are multidimensional and need healthcare that addresses issues on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I believe that is why so many women are attracted to natural health and find their way to an acupuncturist when other methods have failed. Many women use natural medicine exclusively. My typical female patient is in her 30’s to 60’s, has not had success with the western methods, has had or has menses issues, is reaching peri-menopause and has symptoms, is fatigued because she does so much and dosen’t rest, and above all, cares. She cares about her children, husband and people, leading her to be over worked, both at work, and at home.

I believe for the reasons mentioned above, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a good fit for women. I have written a lot below to help you understand how this medicine can help you. We provide a multi-dimensional approach, using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western style testing, diet modification, movement and stress reduction.

Our clinic is centrally located in Hillcrest, with free parking, and is easy to get to from anywhere in San Diego. Please always feel free to call or email with any questions.


Traditional Chinese MedicineTraditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) has been very helpful in treating women’s issues for thousands of years. As a natural medicine, relying on plant based herbology and acupuncture. TCM lends itself to be a stand-alone medicine or to be used in conjunction with western medical therapies. Since TCM does not separate emotions from the physical symptoms, we strive to achieve an emotional balance with our patients while working together to achieve results.

These days, and especially in California, Licensed Acupuncturists (L.Ac.) are trained in physical examination and can evaluate and order western style testing such as blood, hormonal and radiological exams.

Treating women’s health issues is one of the prime focuses of my practice. Whether it’s trouble with your period, regularity, fertility, pregnancy or menopause, these specifically female concerns can be treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.


free-30-minute-consultation Every woman is unique and has specific needs particular to her case. We offer a free consultation so you can meet with me and ask any questions you have and so that I may fully understand the nature of your case and what we can do to help.

It is important for you to feel comfortable and confident with your doctor. During your next visit I will create a detailed plan that fits your needs and will follow your progress closely on a weekly basis, adjusting therapies as needed.

acupunctureThe actual acupuncture is a very pleasant experience, taking place in a private room with gentle music. Very fine filaments (fine needles) are placed at very specific locations around the body to produce a result. These filaments “move”, “adjust”, “balance” and “strengthen” what the Chinese call “Qi”, which may be interpreted as “the finest substance”. Something like blood, but much finer. There is rarely ever a problem with a bad reaction to acupuncture. It is very safe when performed by a knowledgeable professional.


Below are some of the specialties we treat

I just don’t feel right…


Menses regulation

Menses regulationHow many of your friends talk about their periods as being difficult? Whether it’s cramps, mood-swings, lack of period, clotting or irritability, Chinese medicine can help. I have found TCM to be very effective in treating women for these issues. Acupuncture and use of Chinese herbs can have a profound effect on a woman’s menses.

Most courses of treatment span 3 – 4 cycles, depending on the particular menses issue. I have been amazed at the quickness with which these long term issues can be resolved. Remember the Chinese were treating these issues using methods of acupuncture and herbology several thousand years before the advent of modern medicine.

Cramping, mood swings, and clotting are all part of a particular TCM picture that has several very effective solutions. TCM looks at this issue as a stagnation issue, i.e. something not moving correctly. Whether that be stagnation of “Qi” or “Blood” and by using techniques that assure the smooth flow of Qi and Blood, symptoms disappear, leaving a healthy period. When the period is smoothed using this technique, the emotions are also smoothed. The moving and breaking up of this stagnation also includes the treatment of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, PCOS, and other non-cancerous tumors.

Many menses and gynecological issues can be traced back to poor health habits. We make a concerted effort to help you regain your optimal health, helping your menses and all areas of life.



FertilityEarly in my practice, I had the pleasure of studying obstetrics with the late Dr. Ni. Dr. Ni, an incredible acupuncturist, was delivering babies in China when she was 14 years old. She became the Prince of Saudi Arabia’s primary acupuncturist and immigrated to San Diego in the early 70’s. I had the fortune to study with her in 2002 regarding women’s medical issues, specifically those surrounding fertility and infertility and I have been using her techniques ever since with great results.


Fertility related conditions we treat are:

• Stress related infertility
• Elevated FSH
• Poor response to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
• Habitual miscarriage
• Auto Immune Antibodies

The medical benefits of acupuncture assisted fertility are:

• Improved ovarian function leading to improved eqq quality and number of follicles.
• Increased blood flow to the uterus to promote implantation.
• Reduced side effects of drugs used with ART.
• Reduced stress hormones and anxiety.
• A strengthening of the immune system and support for general health.

A typical fertility course will span 2 - 4 cycles, depending on the particular issue. We also make use of BBT charting, modern blood, hormone and imaging testing and modern natural supplementation as well as Chinese Herbology to achieve successful results. For many cases we also help with diet modification and stress reduction to achieve success.

As there are many reasons for infertility, we believe that the best course of treatment is the one that leads to success. This course for you may be TCM alone, TCM with IUF or IVF. Whatever your choices, we are able to provide the oriental medicine support that can help your success.

We generally work with women from the beginning of their IVF protocol. We suggest weekly treatments during Lupron suppression and throughout the stimulation phase of the cycle.

Sometimes, we find that working with the man in your life is important to the success of your fertility. We provide services to help with low sperm count and other sperm abnormalities. Acupuncture and herbs may be highly beneficial, particularly prior to any lab-assisted fertility procedures.


PregnancyOne of the most brilliant courses of treatment I learned from Dr. Ni is performed on a monthly basis to ensure the health of the Mother and baby. (The acupuncture point locations laid out by Dr. Ni provide a window into the developmental stages of the fetus and stimulate the developmental process). In this course, each month a specific acupuncture treatment is performed.

Each month, the treatments are geared toward a specific physical or mental / spiritual development of the child, such as having a “clear spirit or mind”, willpower, and calmness. On month six, we use gold needles in specific points to ensure a “Happy Baby”! If pregnant, these treatments are not to be missed!

Other pregnancy related issues we treat are:

• Morning sickness
• Fatigue and malaise
• Pregnancy back pain
• Cramping
• Sciatica
• Carpal tunnel and wrist swelling
• Indigestion
• Constipation
• Headaches
• Anxiety
• Breech presentation
• Labor induction

Acupuncture for Menopause

Acupuncture-for-Menopause Acupuncture and herbal medicine can provide natural relief for symptoms associated with declining hormone levels, offering a safe and effective alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Many women find that they start noticing symptoms in their late 30’s or early 40’s, before the true onset of menopause in their 50’s. Symptoms such as hot flashes, achiness, dryness, and un-clear thinking are all part of the symptom picture. Using acupuncture and herbal medicine, we have been able to reduce these symptoms to a tolerable level and in some cases, completely resolve them. Our clinic also uses Metagencis for supplemental therapy and Bezwekin products which are a type of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy which has shown to be very effective.


I just don’t feel right...

TCM doctor You can’t imagine how many times I hear this from women. They have been to their western doctor’s office, had all the blood tests and still nothing is showing up. Yet…”I just don’t feel right…” This is one of the areas that TCM really shines. The TCM doctor makes a diagnosis based on the symptoms that are being experienced, such as fatigue, headaches, etc... and using very specific TCM methods such as looking at a persons tongue, or “taking a pulse”, make a working diagnosis and create a treatment plan to alleviate the issue.



Other areas we hear a lot from women where TCM can be helpful:

• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Joint pain
• Auto-Immune disorders
• Vaginal Pain
• UTI’s

I sincerely hope this information helps you better understand how Traditional Chinese Medicine can be successful for issues specific to women. As many issues may be specific for you, please feel free to make a free consultation to meet me, and learn more about what TCM can do for you.

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